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Your partner in the cloud: take on any challenge with Azure

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Solve business problems using proven combinations of Azure products and services.

Start by reviewing sample architectures and documentation.

Achieve your goals with the freedom and flexibility to create, manage and deploy your applications anywhere. Use your preferred languages, frameworks and infrastructures – even your own data centre and other clouds – to solve challenges large and small.

With Azure’s help, you have everything you need to build your next great solution.

Advantages of Azure


Try fast – fail fast

Accelerate the creativity of the developers. But also recognise early on developments that lead in an undesirable direction. Try out new ideas and find the most promising ones. Reduce time to market by eliminating frictional losses through Developer Velocity.

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Improve your safety

Protect your corporate assets and data from new threats with integrated multi-layered security and intelligent threat protection.

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Optimise costs to save money

Leverage the value of Azure with tools, offerings and guidance that help you track and forecast your bill, optimise workload costs and control spending with cloud governance.

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Gain deeper insights into your data

Transform your data into insight in real time with highly secure, enterprise-scale analysis. And share data across the enterprise with dashboards and visualisations.

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

With Azure KI you get proven, secure and responsible AI functions according to your requirements. Create mission critical solutions that can analyse images, understand speech, make predictions based on data and mimic other intelligent human behaviour.

Accelerated full life cycle with machine learning
Provide developers and data scientists with numerous functions that enable them to create, train and deploy machine learning models in a very short time. Reduce your time-to-market and optimise team collaboration with industry-leading MLOps: DevOps for Machine Learning. Create innovation through a secure and trusted platform that supports responsible ML solutions.

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Virtual Agents

Offer groundbreaking experiences in your apps with Cognitive Services and Botdienst. Access industry-leading AI models used by millions of users today in products like Office 365, Xbox and Bing. Customise these models with your own data and deploy them anywhere. Only Azure gives you access to these proven features.

Prepare today for the problems of tomorrow

Migration to the cloud is not just about better scalability and security. It’s also about increasing your financial resilience by moving from a traditional wholesale model to a more flexible pay-per-use payment model. can help you with every phase of cloud migration, including tools and guidance to help you move, manage and protect all your workloads.

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