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The classic threat protection in the form of perimeter security has been overtaken by today’s work and IT world. To protect cloud-based applications and data storage, new paths must be taken.

The past and experience show that security incidents cannot be prevented even with the greatest technological and financial effort.

Zero Trust is an approach that also involves the prevention of security incidents. In Zero Trust the realisation that security incidents cannot be prevented is already integrated. It is much more important to recognise this and to react to appropriate signals.

Even data can no longer be protected with the “safe in the basement”. Rather, data travels via the various systems in your own organisation and also with partners or on the Internet.

If you think of the data worthy of protection in this context like a message in a bottle, you come close to the new security concepts. The point is to provide the bottle post with a reasonable cork, so that the content can only be opened in places where it is only accessible to the desired person.

In the end, it doesn’t matter where the bottle post is located, and you don’t have to guard all waters to make sure that nobody fishes out your bottle post.

This describes the “entity level security”. An important prerequisite for this concept is that your organisation knows the data. “Know your data” is the indispensable first step.

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Information security requires a
holistic strategy!

Information security requires several measures to manage processes and policies aimed at protecting, detecting, identifying, and defending against threats. One of’s tasks is to set up processes and afterward technologies that protect your digital information.
Together we will design how necessary investments and steps in your information security can be implemented. will also help you with testing, consulting, and solution integration to ensure the best possible protection for your sensitive data.’s areas of expertise cover all common topics of information security.

For example, identity and access management as well as administration and protection of sensitive data.

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