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New Microsoft Viva Add-on

new Microsoft Viva add-on

Microsoft has released another member of the products based on the accumulated knowledge of the Microsoft 365 Platform.

In sum, the whole thing can be understood as a new intranet, where information is not hidden from the end users in the best viable way.

The new products, which must be purchased in addition, divides into four components, which represent different tasks. Microsoft Viva Topic is already available and forms the first part of our small series of articles on the subject.

Microsoft Viva Topics

Microsoft Viva Topics is an extension of the “Intelligence” department. Here, all sorts of data from the Office 365 tenant are analyzed. An AI is then supposed to recognize and compile important topics from Teams chats, etc. In addition, specialists for the topics are to be identified and displayed to match the topic.

This sounds like an enhanced version of Delve with more AI. But added to that is the crucial ability to curate content. This means that content that you want to have visible can also be displayed prominently.

However, Microsoft has built in significantly more administrative options here. Security and compliance features are also available, which can be configured accordingly. This is also the main difference to many, if not most, other solutions: Microsoft is better designed for use in large organizations with many legal and organizational requirements.

As is always the case, there are certain language barriers. Microsoft Viva Topics is initially only available for English content.

This product is worth looking at and seeing if it fits into your IT landscape. Because one thing you can be sure of, Viva Topics will certainly be placed and made known to end users. Therefore, the IT department should be able to provide information on this. This overview is a good starting point.

It’s also worth to watch these videos on YouTube Microsoft Viva Insights for managers and leaders in Microsoft Teams – YouTube and Introducing Microsoft Viva Connections for leaders – YouTube

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