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Microsoft 365 Licensing Graphical Overview
Pixabay at Pexels

Microsoft 365 Licensing graphical overview

If you want to optimize costs in Microsoft 365 licensing, it’s important to understand which feature and function is contained in a licensing package.

Most of us are starting the journey reading the Online Service Description repeatedly. But it’s hard to explain all the functions, exemptions, and details to all stake holders and decision makers. There are details within some functions which vary from plan to plan.

It took me a lot of time to craft PowerPoints to visualize all the options. I’ve had the feeling, that Microsoft don’t want anyone to understand their licensing.

So, what about if you could easily download all the visualization, like this one?

Office 365 Licensing graphical overview by Aaron Dinnage

Office 365 Licensing graphical overview by Aaron Dinnage

Thanks to Aaron Dinnage from Australia, this is possible. This guy is doing an incredible job in visualizing the Microsoft 365 licensing option, packages, and features.

And I’d like to thank him very much.

And you may also download your copies in different formats like PowerPoint, pdf, Visio, and png. This is great for licensing consultants, but also for the affected teams and the management, and stake holders.

You can download all that here at GutHub for free.

This is really appreciated and many Kudos to Aaron.

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